Camelina: Adaptation and performance of genotypes – S. O. Guy, D. J. Wysocki, W. F. Schillinger, T. G. Chastain, R. S. Karow, K. Garland-Campbell, and I. C. Burke – Field Crops Research Sept 2013

by Shopify API on June 13, 2014

Summary: Investigation of the adaption, performance, and yield stability among Camelina genotypes across varied US Pacific Northwest environments. Seven named Camelina genotypes and 11 experimental numbered genotypes were evaluated for seed and oil yield at 18 site/years. Seed yields varied from a trial mean of 127 kg/ha at Lind WA during a year of extreme drought to 3302 kg/ha at Pullman WA with the grand mean 1213 kg/ha. Of the two highest yielding genotypes, Calena was more stable for yield than Celine. Link: