Camelina sativa, A Montana Omega-3 and Fuel Crop – A. L. Pilgeram, D. C. Sands, D. Boss, N. Dale, D. Wichman, P. Lamb, C. Lu, R. Barrows, M. Kirkpatrick, B. Thompson, and D. L. Johnson – In: Issues in new crops and new uses – J.Janick and A. Whipkey 2007

by Shopify API on June 13, 2014

Summary: In Montana, camelina is emerging as a high-value, multi-use crop with applications in food, feed, and industry. A diversity of start-up industries and government entities are in the process of sorting out the different uses for this crop. The multiple possible uses suggest to these authors that there may be a stable market demand for farm gate seed. Link: