Effects of Seeding Rates and Nitrogen Fertilization on Seed Yield, Seed Quality and Yield Components of False Flax (Camelina sativa Crtz.) – M. Agegnehu and B. Honermeier – Die Bodenkultur 1996

by Shopify API on June 13, 2014

Summary: The influence of seeding rate and nitrogen fertilization on yield efficiency and formation of yield components of camelina was investigated over three years (1993-1995) under loamy sand soil conditions. Formation of the yield components branches/plant, pods/plant, seeds/pod and seed weight/plant was reduced by sowing the higher seeding rate of 800 seeds/m2. Addition of nitrogen positively influenced yield. Oil content of the camelina ranged from 37 to 43%. Saturated fatty acids in the fatty acid compositions comprised about 8 %. Linolenic acid content was 35%. Link: https://diebodenkultur.boku.ac.at/volltexte/band-48/heft-1/agegnehu.pdf