Emergence, height, grain yield and oil content of camelina and canola grown in saline media – H. Steppuhn, K. C. Falk, and R. Zhou – Canadian Journal of Soil Science – 2010

by Shopify API on June 13, 2014

Summary: Crops of CS15 camelina and InVigor 9590 canola, grown under field conditions in Canada’s Salinity Tolerance Testing Facility, were evaluated for plant emergence, height, shoot biomass, grain yield, oil content and composition. Plant height differences between the camelina and the canola increased as salinity increased. Grain yields under salinity relative to the salt-free control decreased more for the camelina than for the canola at all salinity levels. Percentage oil content of the canola oilseed averaged 40% until salinity exceeded 20 dS m1, while that of the camelina averaged 35% until 10 dS m1, before declining. Link: http://pubs.aic.ca/doi/abs/10.4141/CJSS09046