Camelina Oil and Its Unusual Cholesterol Content – V.K.S. Shukla, P.C. Dutta, and W.E. Artz – Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society 2002

by Shopify API on June 20, 2014

Summary: The oil in Camelina sativa L. Crantz has a combined linolenic and linoleic acid content that is greater than 50% and a relatively low saturated fatty acid (FA) content (~10%). Although the FA composition has been reported, no information is available on the sterol composition of camelina oil. Perhaps the most unusual characteristic of camelina oil is its relatively high content of cholesterol, particularly for a vegetable oil, since it contains several times the cholesterol found in other “high-cholesterol” vegetable oils. Camelina oil also contains relatively large amounts of another unusual sterol, brassicasterol.