Brassica coenospecies: a rich reservoir for genetic resistance to leaf spot caused by Alternaria brassicae – G. Sharma, V. Dinesh Kumar, A. Haque, S.R. Bhat, Shyam Prakash, and V.L. Chopra – Euphytica 2002

by Shopify API on June 24, 2014

Summary: Development of leaf spot resistant mustard cultivars is a relevant objective in view of heavy crop losses caused by this pathogen. Thirty-eight species belonging to 9 genera, including cultivated and wild allies, of the genus Brassica were evaluated under epiphytotic conditions for two years. Eight species (Brassica desnottesii, Camelina sativa, Coincya pseuderucastrum, Diplotaxis berthautii, D. catholica, D. cretacea, D. erucoides, and Erucastrum gallicum) were found completely resistant, whereas others were classified as moderately resistant (12), susceptible (11) or highly susceptible (9).