Camalexin induction in intertribal somatic hybrids between Camelina sativa and rapid-cycling Brassica oleracea – M. A. Sigareva and E. D. Earle – Theoretical and Applied Genetics 1999

by Shopify API on June 24, 2014

Summary: Camelina sativa, a wild relative of Brassica crops, is virtually immune to blackspot disease caused by Alternaria brassicicola. Intertribal somatic hybrids were produced between C. sativa and rapid-cycling Brassica oleracea as a step toward the transfer of resistance to this disease into Brassica vegetable crops. Resistance was correlated with the induction of high levels of the phytoalexin camalexin 48h after inoculation, as in the resistant Camelina fusion partner. In contrast, susceptible somatic hybrids produced much lower levels of camalexin.