Crop protection in alternative crops – J. Dimmock and G. Edwards-Jones – Outlooks on Pest Management 2006

by Shopify API on June 24, 2014

Summary: The most substantial threat to novel crop species is not lack of agronomic knowledge or poorly adapted cultivars, but weed competition. This is largely due to a lack of approved herbicides. Alternative crop production is severely restricted by this issue, which has occurred as a result of legislation requiring manufacturers to obtain approval for every agrochemical on each crop to which it is applied. Most minority crops do not justify investment from chemical companies to pursue individual approvals i.e. ‘on label’ for all potential beneficiaries. At present, however, a legal alternative exists, in the UK at least, whereby users rather than manufacturers of agrochemicals may apply for Specific Off-Label Approvals (SOLA) from the UK Pesticide Safety Directorate. Link: