Sustainable Oil Crops Production – C. Eynck D. Shrestha, J. Vollmann, K.C. Falk, W. Friedt, H.P. Singh & E. Obeng in Biofuel Crop Sustainability ed. Bharat Singh 2013

by Shopify API on August 05, 2014

Summary: The international biodiesel market is dominated by rapeseed oil, followed by soybean and palm oil. However, other crop platforms such as camelina and the recently emerged Ethiopian mustard hold promise as new biodiesel feedstocks. This chapter presents an overview on sustainability considerations associated with each of these oil crops. Life-cycle analysis (LCA) shows that biodiesel from soybean and rapeseed reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by more than 50% compared to petroleum diesel, the threshold set by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for biofuels to be qualified as advanced biofuel. Link: