Hay Vs. Pasture: How you can do the most for your horse this winter.

by Jenna Tranter on November 05, 2021

Hay Vs. Pasture: How you can do the most for your horse this winter.

Written by: Jenna Tranter

Published on: 11/05/2021

Winter is coming...

I’ve just come in from my morning barn chores and today’s the first morning I’ve really felt it. It’s that time of year that most horse owners living in cooler climates resent. The leaves have changed and are starting to drop, and that cool fall breeze is starting to feel less cool and more just simply cold. Our horses' coats are starting to look shaggy and that ‘summer pasture’ glow is fading… sometimes you're not sure if you own a horse or a rather shaggy looking llama.

How can you help your horse restore it's summer glow?

So what is that summer glow really? What is it in the summer that makes our horses look so good? There’s more to it than just winter coats vs summer coats. When we move our horses off pasture to hay for the long cold winters what you may not realize is that the nutrients and omegas in your horse's diet have also drastically changed. During the drying & bailing process hay loses some of its nutritional value, as well as a large amount of it’s Omega 3 content. Omega 3 fatty acids make up around 55% of the fat content in pasture but only make up around 18-30% of the fat content in hay. You know that phrase ‘the horse didn’t winter well’? Well Omega 3’s play quite a big role in that- the fat content difference in pasture vs. hay helps shed light on why we see some horses who look great in the warmer months start looking tough over the colder months.

How Omega3's help your horse look it's best.

Now Omega 3’s do far more than just provide fat- they have an impact on so many aspects of overall health from coat & skin health all the way to immune support. It won’t magically stop your horse from looking like a shaggy llama all winter, but it will help keep that shag looking shiney and help ensure the skin underneath all that hair is healthy. It is so vital to supplement our horses with Omega 3 PUFAS over the winter months where their omega 3 needs are not being met by pasture consumption and that's where Smart Earth Camelina oil can help. Our product will ensure your horses ALA PUFA needs are being met all year round- just think of us as your handy pasture in a bottle.

Meet Jenna Tranter

Jenna Tranter is Smart Earth Camelina Corp's equine nutritionist. She is the owner and operator of Four Corners Equestrian and has been involved in the industry for over 20 years.

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About the Author

Jenna is a lifelong equestrian and lover of all animals big and small. She has both studied and worked within the industry for 20+ years in both the feed sector as well as being a coach and hunter/jumper facility owner with time spent in the UK and Canada. She holds a number of equine certifications from universities in both countries. She also has completed numerous courses in equine body work, including equi-bow, but is not a practitioner at this time due to there just not being enough time in the day! Jenna lives on her farm in Ontario, Canada with her husband, 19 horses, 2 goats, a flock of ducks, a flock of chickens, her barn cats and her 3 loyal dogs, Bosco, Evaa & Eeyore.