Jessica Gremminger Testimonial

by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on June 17, 2021

Jessica Gremminger Testimonial

June 18th, 2021

Jessica's story can be read in it's entirety below...


"I switched my dogs to Smart Earth Camelina Oil about two months ago. The reason I made the switch is because I have a 10 year old Boston Terrier who has joint issues, he has allergies, and he has what's called a collapsing trachea. Basically what that means is that when he eats sometimes his trachea gets inflamed and will close. That's something that we've been struggling with. We've been giving him an allergy pill about twice a day and also had him on another joint supplement that was a chew that he would take. The problem was is that the chew was very big, which would scratch his throat, causing his trachea to get inflamed, and was just not helping the situation, more hurting the situation."


"I heard about Smart Earth Camelina Oil and all of the benefits of giving this to your dogs, so I wanted to give it a shot. I did go ahead and switch my dog over cold turkey, just to see if it would keep him from having the issues or if he still needed the medicine or things like that. Shockingly, I did not have to give him any allergy medicine. He did great with the switch."


"I didn't notice any differences from taking him off his joint medicine or the allergy medicine, where before he would have red eyes the next day, or he wouldn't be able to jump on the couch because his back would hurt or something like that. I didn't see any difference in his behavior and I didn't see any difference visibly in his eyes. There was no redness that showed up. There was no redness on his skin. Also something I did see was that his dandruff went away. He didn't have dandruff anymore. His coat was smooth and shiny and he just seemed to be happier a little bit. His behavior actually improved if anything."


"I'm really happy with my switch. I've actually started giving this to both of my dogs. I have another dog who has tummy issues. She just fights bad bacteria in her gut all the time. I give this to her twice a day as well, and she's doing phenomenal with it. We've seen less tummy issues than before. I'm just very, very pleased with this product. As you can see, I bought the bigger gallon because I do not plan on taking my dogs off of this anytime soon. I'm committed to this product. I love it. I'm so pleased."


"It's very much a weight lifted to not have to give your dog two pills a day. If you haven't given dogs pills before, if you're a dog owner, I'm sure you're familiar with giving pills, it's hard. Sometimes you try cheese, but especially with a collapsing trachea, the cheese can cause issues. It can get stuck. Rather than having to force my dog to take a pill or try to figure out a clever way to get him to take it, I just pour this oil on his food and he eats it right up. He's actually gotten to the point where he won't eat his food if the oil's not on there. He'll sit there and wait for me. As I'm pouring it in his food, he'll actually lick it out of the spoon. He loves it so much. My other dog's the same way. She just looks at me if I haven't put it in her bowl because she's waiting for it."


"They definitely love it. They're very happy with it. I'm very happy with it. I can't say enough good things about Smart Earth Camelina Oil."