Karen Sheehan Recommended - "So much better than the Corn Oil"

by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on June 17, 2021

Karen Sheehan Recommended - "So much better than the Corn Oil"

August 10th, 2021

Karen's story can be read in it's entirety below...


"Hi, my name is Karen Sheehan, and I live in Haymarket, Virginia. This is Tempered Steel. He's a 31 year old Anglo-Arab. I've had him since he was seven years old. He's one of seven horses that we have. He's my first and he's the oldest. The last year and a half he's been having trouble keeping weight on. He's not eating as much hay as all the rest of the horses. So I've tried him out on different supplements. I had his teeth checked and we were putting corn oil on his grain at night."


"And then I learned about camelina oil, switched him to that about two months ago. And it has made a huge difference in his body condition. It's so much better for him than the corn oil with it being Omega-3 oil, rather than omega-6 oil. His ribs are no longer showing, his top-line has filled in, his flanks are filling in, his coat is really nice and glossy, and he's moving beautifully. I would recommend camelina oil for all horses, particularly these old guys that need a little bit of help with their body condition as they get older. Definitely switched to camelina oil. Thank you."