Lindsey Schroeder's Story

by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on June 17, 2021

Lindsey Schroeder's Story - Tried Hemp, Tried Flax but nothing Helped like Camelina Oil

July 9th, 2021

Lindsey's story can be read in it's entirety below...


"Hi, I am Lindsey Schroeder, the owner and operator of LS Equestrian based in Sherwood Park, Alberta and I'm here to talk a little bit about my journey with Smart Earth Camelina. When my mare was 10 years old, she developed some pretty intense allergies. They presented as hives all over her body that would crust over, leak and she started to lose hair. She would stop mid ride to itch herself and she was tearing holes in her own blankets because she was so itchy and overall body sores all over from being itchy all the time. We tried hemp products. They didn't work for her. I actually found that they maybe made the situation a little bit worse, but who's to say? Next, we tried flax and the higher Omega-3 seemed to do a bit for her, but still the hives kept coming. She just wasn't quite as itchy."


"We spent a lot of money on biopsies from the vet and histology report and we just didn't really have any answers, so a friend of mine turned me on to Smart Earth Camelina. I said, whatever, last ditch effort, let's give it a try. Within two weeks, I could go an entire ride without her itching herself. There were no new active hives and within four weeks her hair had grown back. She was, of course, many colors but she looked healthy. Three months in we took her to Spruce Meadows Oktoberfest. Her winter coat had come in. We clipped her and under the bright lights she was absolutely gleaming. This was a horse that did not look like my horse. She looked like the six-year-old horse that she was when I got her. It was absolutely amazing."


"When I ran out of my supply of Smart Earth, I didn't reorder. She went the winter without it. Her coat was dull but winter-clipped coats and so I didn't really think a lot of it until summer when she went out to back pasture and she got mutant sweet itch. She had hives in her armpits that were bleeding. She lost hair all over her belly and actually crept to her legs and down to her hocks. So immediately I ordered a jug of Smart Earth Camelina. Within two weeks, again, no more itching, hair was coming back. Within a month she looked like nothing had ever happened and so I've been on the product without fail. The other changes in her are so amazing. Like she's got this beautiful coat. Her topline is gorgeous, but she has a spring at her step. She's got some flaps in her jump. That girl's got schwung."


"I absolutely love that my mare, who's going to be 14 this year, feels like the bouncy little fuzzball that I got when she was six years old. It's absolutely amazing. It's like the clock has turned back. It just feels great. She's only 15-some-hands and she carries herself up the lines like a 17-hand horse. She's got power, like she just feels fantastic. I absolutely love, love, love, love this product. I've recommended it to basically all of my students and I've seen changes in horses in their mid to late twenties putting on a ton of weight. Horses that came out of major surgery and they've got their energy back. They've got their topline back and they look fantastic. I've even got at 21-year-old thoroughbred who we were thinking of retiring this summer that looks like the Comeback Kid, all thanks to Smart Earth. It's absolutely amazing to see these positive changes in horses. I could just shout it from the rooftops. I am such a strong believer that this product is a game changer. This product is something I will never be without. All right. Thanks for your time."