Mary Lumsden - A Endorsement for Camelina Oil

by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on June 17, 2021

"Make Your Dogs Puppies Again" - Mary's Endorsement

August 19th, 2021

Mary's testimonial can be read in it's entirety below...


"This is Mocha and Charming. They're both almost eight years old. They started taking the camelina oil, bought them maybe a month and a half ago. My husband asked me if I was giving them anything different? And I says, "Oh, I haven't changed their food." And I asked, "Why?" And he says, "Well, when Mocha was getting up in the truck in the bed, she was having a real hard time jumping up and he had to help her." And I thought, oh my goodness, it was the camelina oil, and I'm going to give them some every day in their food for their weight."


"She also had a hard time fighting back with Charming, and now she is just fighting back like a puppy. And she's not itched yet this year, as she has severe allergies usually, July, August. And Charming, after he eats, he has a bad tummy ache. And look at this, he just ate five minutes ago and usually he's whining and complaining about his tummy. Sometimes it still does, but instead of 10 minutes, it might be a minute or two. So I am definitely, definitely recommending the camelina oil to make your dogs puppies again. Thank you so much."