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by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on May 04, 2022

How We're Choosing to Help with the War in Ukraine... and How You Can Too!

Published on: 05/03/2022

As the Ukraine invasion continues - people and animals suffer. Robin Hoodz is a small grass-root group of 6 (5 Poles and 1 American) working to feed, supply, support, and save as many refugees, people and animals, as they can, and they need your help!

Based in Krakow, a southern city in Poland, their connections are mighty, extending all over Poland, the eight Ukraine/Polish border crossings, and deep into Ukraine. Krakow is a big hub for refugees, both people and animals and it is where their efforts are focused as they look to do everything they can for the country and its people.

Many of the lucky dogs arrive with their owners to Krakow train station, where the volunteer animal help center is awaiting them with open arms. From dogs to cats, bunnies and all other pets, this center is busy at all hours of the day and night, providing immediate support to traumatized animals arriving from war-zones, or those just escaping.

Robin Hoodz works directly with this help center: providing food, medicine, pet carriers, food/water bowls, leashes, chew sticks and pet toys. Toys, irrelevant as they may seem in circumstances of war, prove invaluable to destress anxious animal refugees. Carriers are needed as many animals arrive in makeshift carriers, in boxes, inside backpacks, in fishing nets, or simply inside their owners’ coats. Medicines are often needed for paws injured during long walks to escape. Additionally, they also provide volunteer hours to directly assist newly arrived refugees with their pets, which can be challenging due to the language barrier.

The unlucky dogs are left behind in Ukraine. Robin Hoodz has helped and continues to support these abandoned dogs (and other animals) too. This is more challenging, and requires a vast network in Ukraine and Poland. In these situations, there’s an important two-way swap. Vehicles are packed with supplies heading into Ukraine, then on the return to Poland vehicles are packed with dogs.

During one such transport, a driver arrived at the border with 40 dogs packed in her small vehicle, only to be told by border patrol that she could only bring in 15. Unwilling to leave any of the dogs behind, she pleaded and luckily was successful.

The contacts Robin Hoodz has in Ukraine are key in this operation. One contact uses their own house to host dogs, up to 220 dogs at a time and this refuge is crucial. Their team of volunteers drops necessary food and supplies going to those in desperate need and then transports the waiting dogs to the safety of their shelter, where the amazing staff provides dogs (and cats) medical care, food, and lots of love. When ready, dogs are adopted to their new forever homes. They’ve successfully rehomed all the Ukrainian dogs in their care.

Robin Hoodz has been helping people and animals since the second day of the Ukrainian invasion. They provide whatever they need. Some of these abandoned animals require surgeries, medical attention, and medicine. Several were pregnant, or had nursing pups. Dogs range from puppies to elderly, and are in every state of health.

Their successes are many for people and animal refugees. Specifically, for animals, they’ve transported hundreds of dogs away from the war. All the while, transported many tons of food and vital supplies to the Ukraine border, and into Ukraine. Yet, there is still so much to do, so many that need help. As the war continues, the needs continue to multiply.

Smart Earth is partnering with this initiative because there’s so much more to be done to help those in need. As a company we understand the importance of giving back and we are always looking to help pets and their owners in any way we can. That’s why for the next 30 days we will be contributing 10% of all of our canine sales to help support Robin Hoodz and their program. 

We also are happy to offer additional ways to support them, through donations to their gofundme page as they work towards their goal. Your contribution to this fundraiser will help provide vital resources and humanitarian aid to Ukraine refugees in Poland and Ukraine. Financial support will allow continuation of their life-saving work; will provide aid to many human and animal refugees; and will ensure that resources, such as food, education and medical supplies will reach refugees directly.

Let’s help them not only meet their goal but exceed it! We know how great a community we have here within our Farmily and we’re so excited to do what’s needed to support such an important cause. Every dollar counts and we know Robin and both our teams will be incredibly grateful for any contribution made towards their cause.

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