Ruby Morse - A Smart Earth Success Story

by Smart Earth on July 13, 2021

Ruby Morse - A Smart Earth Success Story

July 20th 2021

"I was really unsure when I decided to purchase Camelina Oil but I was spending the same amount on Previcox (which didn’t seem to be doing much) so it was something I thought was worth trying."


"Our boy is a rescue - he was a great racer, until he tripped and fell one day. Since he couldn’t race anymore, nobody wanted him. We took him home, so he could enjoy his retirement time grazing fields."

"Unfortunately, the racing life had lasting side effects on his back legs, he was in pain and nothing seemed to help him, not even previcox."


"Over the last year, if he went down to roll around, he couldn’t get back up on his own. We had to flip him so that he could get up. We were careful to not leave the house for long periods of time and has to check on him often. It was a daily occurrence to find him laying on his side, in the pasture. It was becoming painfully obvious that we couldn’t keep helping for too much longer the way he was deteriorating."


"After just two weeks on this miracle oil, he laid down in front of us and got back up on his own. He literally had a cheeky grin as he did it."


"We add it to their morning feed pellets and it did take a few days of going with really small doses so that he would still eat, but WOW!! He’s been on Camelina Oil for a month and we haven’t had to flip him over in three weeks. So incredibly impressed and highly recommend trying it to anyone on the fence about trying it!"


Ruby Morse