A Beginner’s Introduction to Popular Dog Sports

Dog owners of the past didn’t have the luxury we have today—there were very few options, most sporting activities were in their infancy, and some events discriminated based on breed. Luckily as dog sporting has become more popular, accessibility for all has increased and entire communities bond over their mutual love for specific events.
by Sarah Seward-Langdon on April 28, 2022

What Is the Difference Between Animal-Based & Plant-Based Omega Oils?

Are you feeling overwhelmed navigating the world of dog ownership? That’s understandable; there are so many opinions—people arguing about adoption vs. buying, training methods, and dog nutrition. If you’ve already done research about pet nutrition, you’ve probably come across supplements and the popularity of omega 3 supplements.
by Sarah Seward-Langdon on March 31, 2022

Arthritis in Dogs

Dogs, when they reach a certain age, can be prone to canine arthritis. This disease affects several breeds, especially the medium and large dogs.
by Amanda Nascimento on March 01, 2022
Breeder Blog

Breeder Blog

Since introducing camelina oil my dams have not whelped one still born and they have such evenly sized pups within each litters, no more runts. Before starting camelina oil, it was quite common to have one still born or poorly developed pup with each litter.
by Smart Earth Camelina Corp. on November 09, 2021
Michelle Finnigan and Dozer Testimonial

Michelle Finnigan and Dozer Testimonial

Fats are the second most important component of your dog’s diet, right after protein. Your dog needs both saturated and unsaturated types of fat in their diet. We’ll discuss the polyunsaturated type (omega fatty acids) because this is where your choice can make a difference for your pet.
by Christine Walsh on May 11, 2021

Caroline's Story

Caroline's Story: How Camelina Oil Helped Put Weight on Her...
by Team Account on May 10, 2021