Winter Gear for Dogs: Best for Visibility, Warmth & Rain

by Sarah Seward-Langdon on January 27, 2023

Winter Gear for Dogs: Best for Visibility, Warmth & Rain

Written by: Sarah Seward-Langdon

Published on: 01/27/2022

Why is Winter Gear Important?

Not all dogs are made for the winter temperatures about to visit Canada and many parts of the States. And even if your dog is fluffy and made for the chilly elements, there are still some great items to make life easier in the rain or snow!

Most of the winter gear on this list will make you and your dog more comfortable during walks and help you both stay safer.

For instance, most places in the winter get dark earlier, so it is harder to see an owner and their dog. It will always be safer if you have gear that provides high visibility while walking around.

So, before you entirely write off the need for winter gear, browse through some of the most critical and easy-to-find items on our list.

Top Accessories for the Rain

Everything you need to walk your dog in the cold, rainy winter!

Doggy Rain Jacket: Sun Shower Dog Raincoat by Ruffwear

Although some dogs love the water, there are a whole lot of them who aren’t fans. And even if they’re fans of getting wet, they’re likely not fans of getting dried off. Avoiding a drenched dog makes your life a bit easier, so get your furry friend a reliable rain jacket!

One of the most reputable companies out there is Ruffwear! We’re a massive fan of Ruffwear’s Sun Shower raincoat since it is versatile, provides high coverage, and comes in a diverse size (and colour) range.

This Ruffwear product is versatile because it’s a shell that’s not insulated and, therefore, can be used alone or layered with other warming accessories. Furthermore, it provides coverage for your dog’s neck, rump, and thighs to keep dogs dry in wet conditions!

Doggy Rain Boots: QUMY Dog Boots

Say goodbye to wet paw prints all over your house after rainy days! Your dog may not mind trekking through the rain, but it must be annoying to try and clean up after them each time they go out. That’s why you need some doggy booties for the rain.

With over 25,000 reviews on Amazon, QUMY Dog Boots are a fan favourite option! The best part about these boots is that they’re multi-use—you can use these to protect your pet’s paws from the rain, hot pavement, cold weather, and much more.

Biothane Lead: 8’ Multi-Functional Leash by Outbound Canine

What’s worse than a soggy leash that keeps your hands cold during the rainy season? If you’re looking for an excellent leash option that’s comfortable in the rain, think about purchasing a biothane lead. Since leashes made of biothane are waterproof, mud-proof, rot-proof, and smell-proof, they’re the perfect all-weather accessory!

Right now, one of our favourite biothane leashes is the versatile “Multi-Functional Leash” by Outbound Canine, a small Canadian company. What’s the big deal about this one? You can use this reliable biothane lead as a sturdy everyday lead and a hands-free option (crossbody or around the waist). It’s all adjustable based on the human walker, and it has a traffic handle to help you keep your dog safe.

Dog Wipes: Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Even if you have all the gear to keep your dog drier during rainy days, you’ll still probably need doggy cleaning tools. An accessible item to have on hand is dog wipes!

Make sure that when you’re getting wipes, you pick products made for dogs (avoid 99% of baby wipes) that are unscented. Scents may smell pleasant to us, but our dog’s smell is much stronger than ours, and their body can be sensitive to products with fragrance.

Try out the dog wipes from Earth Rated if you like environmentally conscientious, durable, and affordable products. These plant-based wipes are from a reputable company and will help you in times of great mess!

Waterproof Shoes for You: Vessi’s Weekend Chelsea for Men & Women

Yes, most of our gear recommendations are for furry friends—we are, after all, a company about caring for your four-legged companions. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the need for waterproof shoes for you as well!

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of waterproof shoes, Vessis are taking the world by storm! For those walking dogs through big puddles and muddy terrain, their Weekend Chelsea shoe is an excellent option for both men and women.

Essential High Visibility Gear for Your Dog

We’re all about being seen… since it gets dark so early during the wintertime, grab these items to ensure you and your dog are safe.

Detachable Collar Light: Nite Ize SpotLit LED Collar Light

Looking for a small add-on to make your dog’s current gear setup more visible in the dark? Nite Ize specializes in light-up products for your dog, so their SpotLit LED Collar Light is a great option. Just clip onto their collar, press a button, and watch the light change colours as you go on your evening stroll.

Even if you pick up a collar light that doesn’t switch through colour options, you’ll find more peace of mind knowing that your dog is more visible as the days get darker earlier.

Light Up Collar: LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable

If you’re looking for something more obvious and don’t mind using different gear for the winter, consider picking up an LED collar. There are many great options on the market, and the easiest way to find one is to browse through Amazon. Just remember to get one with lots of recommendations!

Light-up collars with USB charging capabilities are a sustainable and affordable option. Make sure that you also get a high-quality collar to ensure your dog won’t break it or find it uncomfortable during their walks.

Reflective Dog Jacket: Arrow Reflective Windbreaker

What about going a step further… Keep your dog warm AND visible with the same item: a reflective dog jacket. There are so many options floating around that you’ll be able to find one that’s the perfect fit for your unique dog!

One of our favourite companies to shop at is Woof Concept, another greatly respected Canadian company. They’re a great place to grab winter gear from, including reflective accessories, because the products are stylish and proven high-quality.

Try out Woof Concept’s Arrow Reflective Windbreaker if you want a lightweight reflective windbreaker that comes with a pouch for storage and is small enough to fit into your pocket.

Glow in the Dark / Light Up Toys: Nite Ize Huck’ N Tuck GlowStreak

Another Nite Ize product for the win! This company is all about unique bright light products, and the Huck’ N Tuck GlowStreak is no different.

This toy comes with both the throwing stick and the light-up ball. It’s very convenient as the handle of the ball thrower collapses for easy carrying and storing. Plus, the light-up ball changes colour and is waterproof and durable. We know what your dog’s never favourite toy will be…

Pick up one of these babies and expect your dog to jump at the door when you prepare for the dark afternoon walk—ya, those walks that happen at 5 pm in the dead of winter, and it looks more like midnight!

Visibility Vest for You: 2-Pack Reflective Safety Vests

This pair of safety vests are advertised for cyclists. Still, they are just as useful for dog walkers, and they’re offered at an affordable price! Plus, if you have two, your partner won’t be able to think of a good excuse not to join you and your dog on a walk.

Headlamp for You: ​​Spot 400 Headlamp

Shine bright like a diamond! Grab a headlight that will be strong enough to shine a light during the dark winter evenings. A high-quality headlamp is good for more than just hiking; it’s a great safety precaution for dogs walking in the dark!

If you’re going to grab a headlamp, go for affordable and reliable. That sounds like the Spot 400 Headlamp made by Black Diamond Equipment. This is the light for you if you want outstanding all-around performance, compact size, and long battery life.

Best Dog Equipment for the Snow

Has the snow come already? It’s time to bust out these vital snow accessories for you and your dog. Your walks will be so much better, thanks to your smart purchases!

Winter Coat: Alaskan Army Parka by Canada Pooch

Not all dogs are furry Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies who thrive by rolling around in the snow. Many dogs don’t enjoy the snow since it’s so darn cold.

If you’ve got a smaller dog or a dog more prone to the cold, start shopping around for a doggy winter coat before the cold sets in for the season! There are many options out there, but we can’t help but go back to Canada Pooch.

Make sure your dog is as stylish as they are warm in Canada Pooch’s Alaskan Army Parka. This is an excellent winter jacket option for your dog with a whole list of benefits, including a water-resistant exterior, faux-down insulation, and dual velcro closure. Just wait; you’ll get compliments whenever you go for a winter walk.

Snow Boots: Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks

Like the benefits boots provide during the rain, dog booties can also be great for snowy winters. If you’re expecting a lot of snow in your area, you could use all-weather boots, but you should know that winter-specific dog boots are out there! Most of them provide extra warmth and grip for your dog.

If you’ve been around the dog world for a while, you’ve probably heard of Muttluks. This company is legendary because of the high quality of its products for pets! Their Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks will cost you a pretty penny, but they’re worth it. Fleece inner lining, flexible soles for optimal comfort, reflective strap for visibility… What more could you ask for? Oh, they’re also machine washable!

Biothane Long Line: Signature k-9 Biothane Long Line

A plain old leash sometimes isn’t enough for those snow-loving dogs. If you’re looking for a way to let your dog enjoy the snow to the fullest, but you don’t entirely trust them off leash, grab yourself a long line made out of—yep, that’s right—biothane!

Long lines are made with many different materials, come in various colours, and can even be different lengths. Pick one that is most suitable for what you’re using it for. For example, a longer line would be best if you’re planning to let them run in a big field. However, a longer cable may get too tangled in the trees if you want to explore the forest.

The Signature k-9 Biothane Long Line has many reviews and holds up well after multiple uses in many conditions. Although it only comes in one colour, it has many length options. It feels durable for even the largest, most rambunctious dogs.

Dog Paw Wax: Equus Soap Co. K9 Paw Wax

If you’re not spending the money on dog booties, do spend some on dog paw wax. Since snow leads to ice, you’ll see a lot of salt on the sidewalks. Not only is this quite toxic for your dog, but it can also cause a lot of irritation for your dog’s paws.

This is where you grab a few wipes you bought to clean off all the icky salt from their paws, then pick an excellent dog paw wax to help soothe their toe beans. Equus Soap Co. K9 Paw Wax is an incredible 100% natural option, made to protect and provide moisture and help heal cuts or scrapes.

Dog Goggles: Rexspecs

This item may be a bit extra for some. However, suppose you like hiking or participating in winter sporting activities with your dog. In that case, a pair of goggles is essential! This will protect your dog’s eyes from the wind and any snow or ice being blown around.

Rexspecs are a great, high-quality option for dogs to protect their eyes during winter or summer! Most customers rave about how good the fit is and the ability to switch out the lenses.

Gloves for You: Women’s Run for It All Hooded Gloves or Men’s Cold Terrain Hooded Gloves

We can’t forget you dedicated pet owners braving the cold to ensure your dog has top quality of life! If you find it annoying to have to remove your gloves every time you want to treat your pup, or you’re going bare just so you can maneuver your dog correctly, consider grabbing a pair of Run for It All Hooded Gloves by Lululemon.

These Lululemon gloves are made for runners, but their features sound super beneficial for anyone walking dogs too! They’re hooded, water-repellent, and made with brushed fleece fabric for warmth.

Is your dog feeling a bit sore after all that winter play? Check out Camelina Oil by Smart Earth Camelina to help soothe your dog’s joint pain and inflammation.

Camelina Oil for Equine

✅ Single ingredient, 100% pure Camelina Oil.
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Ideal balance of Omega-3 compared to other products, like soybean oil.
✅ Canadian produced and operated.

Camelina Oil for Canine


✅ Single ingredient, 100% pure Camelina Oil.
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Ideal balance of Omega-3 compared to other products, like soybean oil.
✅ Canadian produced and operated.

Get Prepared for Winter Walks!

Now you’ve got no excuse to brave those wet, snowy, and cold winter walks! Whether you’re experiencing the constant rain in the West of Canada or braving the piling up snow elsewhere, you’ll be prepared to walk your dog after grabbing some items on this list.

Stay safe out there, and we hope that some of these winter dog gear recommendations help keep you and your dog a bit drier and warmer during your winter walks!

Camelina Oil for Equine

✅ Single ingredient, 100% pure Camelina Oil.
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Ideal balance of Omega-3 compared to other products, like soybean oil.
✅ Canadian produced and operated.

Camelina Oil for Canine


✅ Single ingredient, 100% pure Camelina Oil.
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Ideal balance of Omega-3 compared to other products, like soybean oil.
✅ Canadian produced and operated.

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