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Camelina Oil for Canine - 16oz


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Camelina Oil for small pets. Aids in:

- Joint health

- Skin and coat health

- Reduction of allergy symptoms

- Anxiety and more...


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CheriLynn Z.
United States United States
Black coat is SHINEY!!!!

Only on my first bottle, but my dog's coat is MUCH more shiney and soft! I also was trying it because he scratched like c razy every morning........GONE! Thank you for a great product!

Lynn S.
United States United States
Great Product

Both of my dogs love this oil. I pour it over their dog food, but they will lick it straight off the spoon if I am not fast enough! Their coats are so much shinier and soft. I have also noticed they are shedding less and just seem to be more playful. Great product!

United States United States
Yes Finally

My girls both Portuguese Water Dogs tend to have dry skin and allergies, especially problematic for Haddie. Kizzy was diagnosed with cushings about almost 2 years ago. After researching I took them both off kibble and started cooking for them. Meat fruits and vegis. Kizzy improved but developed skin issues after a flea infestation (first time dealing with fleas in many years of dog ownership anyway) So both went to the vet and got shots. I added fish oil to my regimen as well as a can of salmon or sardines once a week...Both dogs had improved coats but the itching continued, Haddie going 24/7. So tried shots again...that worked for about a week for Haddie. Then I discovered Camelina. I am about 3/4 of the way through the first bottle. After 2 days Haddie was noticeably better. Its been a miracle, I highly recommend this product and hope that whoever is reading this will not wait for their fur baby to even have symptoms..the skin is the biggest ***** in the body and keeping every ***** healthy and happy, I have to believe leads to better overall health and fewer vet bills.

Joann M.
United States United States
My frightened dog

My Marema Sheepdog Cooper is afraid of everyone except the family he lives with. After only 6 days on the Smart earth Camelina oil he surprised us by accompanying us on our morning walk! Prior to this he would stop at the end of our driveway and wouldn’t leave our property willingly. He also started chasing rabbits which he wouldn’t do when he was taking cosequine and his hot spots have gone despite the fact that the heat of summer has arrived. Great product!!

Sheena A.
United States United States
So good I gave some to my neighbors.

This oil really helps my pups joints and attitudes. My eight year old Rhodesian ridgeback feels like a puppy when he eats this, not to mention he takes it and loves it.! (He is super picky)my puppy on the other hand is a gsd and has issues with his bones and hind legs, and feels great on this oil. Both pups are having less allergies, better movement, and the energy is wonderful.

Wendy M.
United States United States
Itching & Shedding

My long haired German Shepherd is itching less and shedding a lot less in one month of use. I am very satisfied with the outcome! This is much cheaper and healthier than an allergy shot every 6-8 weeks. Thank you!

Kristine W.
United States United States
Love this product

After reading reviews I decided to give Camelina Oil a try for my 8 year old Alaskan Malamute. She has had some medical issues including knee surgery, eye and ear infections, which she has never had. Her coat had become brittle and coarse. Since this is an all natural supplement I figured it certainly couldn't hurt. Well after 6 weeks on the Camelina Oil my girl's coat is sooo soft. She is also moving much more comfortable and no infections and a happy disposition. I couldn't be happier for my snuggle pup. Definitely recommend Smart Earth Camelina Oil.

Smart Earth Camelina Camelina Oil for Canine - 16oz Review
Pam K.
United States United States
We love this!

My dogs love this in their food and helping tremendously with their itchiness

Fidel G.
United States United States
A saved horse

My 11 year old horse had a severe limp which vet recommended lifetime medications costing $250 a month or to euthanize. As a last resort I purchased Camelina oil. In four days the limp was gone. I will be buying the 5 gallon bucket.

Judy K.
United States United States

I have not used this product because I sent an email to customer service asking if your products contain roundup and I have not received any reply. Since I have no response I will assume that there is roundup in your products and therefore will not use them. Roundup is one of the most carcinogenic substances on this earth.