Chemical, Thermal Stability, Seal Swell, and Emissions Studies of Alternative Jet Fuels – E. Corporan, T. Edwards, L. Shafer, M. J. DeWitt, C. Klingshirn, S. Zabarnick, Z. West, R. Striebich, J. Graham, and J. Klein – Energy & Fuels 2011

by Shopify API on August 05, 2014

Summary: A description of laboratory evaluations of six alternative (nonpetroleum) jet fuel candidates derived from coal, natural gas, camelina, and animal fat. Three of the fuels were produced via Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis, while the other three were produced via extensive hydroprocessing. In general, this study demonstrates that paraffinic fuels derived from different feedstocks and produced via FT synthesis or hydroprocessing can provide fuels with very similar properties to conventional fuels consisting of excellent physical, chemical, and combustion characteristics for use in turbine engines. Link: