What Is the Difference Between Animal-Based & Plant-Based Omega Oils?

Are you feeling overwhelmed navigating the world of dog ownership? That’s understandable; there are so many opinions—people arguing about adoption vs. buying, training methods, and dog nutrition. If you’ve already done research about pet nutrition, you’ve probably come across supplements and the popularity of omega 3 supplements.
by Sarah Seward-Langdon on March 31, 2022

Feed Tags: Pt. 2

In our second and final installment on feed tag information and determining what your horses needs are we are going to have a deeper look at ingredients, processing, precautions and directions.
by Jenna Tranter on March 15, 2022

Feed Tags: What does all this mean! Pt.1

We are going to break down how to read a basic feed tag so you can have a better understanding of whether or not your horse's requirements are being met.
by Jenna Tranter on March 01, 2022

Too much omegas?

Jenna Tranter is Smart Earth Camelina Corp's equine nutritionist. She is the owner and operator of Four Corners Equestrian and has been involved in the industry for over 20 years.
by Jenna Tranter on January 25, 2022
Beating those winter blues

Beating those winter blues

The hot days of summer are gone and the snow has flown in many places across North America. No more lush pasture, endless trail rides and outdoor arenas. Many owners have found themselves ‘back in the box’ of their indoor riding arena repeating what seems like the same rides over and over.
by Jenna Tranter on January 17, 2022

How to pick the perfect omega balance for your horse

The omega balance of an oil, coupled with the way it’s processed, and oxidative stability all play a major role in the overall health of your horse. So what makes an oil better than another? Let’s have a look at some of the frequently used oils for horses.
by Jenna Tranter on November 16, 2021