Changes in Tissue Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Farmed Rainbow Trout in Response to Dietary Camelina Oil as a Replacement of Fish Oil – S.M. Hixson, C.C. Parrish, and D.M. Anderson – Lipids – 2013

by Shopify API on June 16, 2014

Summary: Camelina oil replaced 50% and 100% of fish oil in diets for farmed rainbow trout. Camelina is particularly unique due to its high lipid content and high amount of α-linolenic acid. Replacing 100% of fish oil with camelina oil did not negatively affect growth of rainbow trout after a 12-week feeding trial. Final DHA and EPA amounts in a fillet were enough to satisfy daily DHA and EPA requirements set by the World Health Organization. This was the first study to use CSIA in a feeding experiment to demonstrate synthesis of DHA in fish. Link: